Running for Office: Option 4

Sean Tevis for State Representative

My name is Sean Tevis [photo]. I'm an Information Architect in Kansas running for State Representative. I am a Democrat. In 2008 I decided to run for office. This is my story since election day. I'm committed to making open government a reality and I'm going to win in 2010.

What Sean Tevis believes...

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Scene of the crime.
Dirty tricks
Town halls
After an election... Flowchart
Blue pill, red pill
Must choose
Option 4
How do you do that?
Thank you for meeting
Sure, kid.
Space elevator
Sean Tevis Bill
You're doing it wrong!
I'm late.
You're ready!
You can't go.
Come with me.

Fight Evil. Get On A Shirt.

Sean Tevis is visiting more than 50 politicians who can make open government a reality. He wears a different shirt with each politician. Each shirt is unique and displays the names of 100 people like you. These shirts also have messages on them, which are Twitter-sized: 140 characters or less. The politician receives a copy of this shirt, too, for meeting with Sean. You get an account of this visit. More details are below:

  Official Tevis 2010
Join the comic saga by email Get your name on a shirt Tweet your message on a shirt Get a copy of the shirt Limited Edition Button Option 4: The Movie DVD
Ride Shotgun   $6.14          
Triple Dog Dare You           $300  
Because You're Wonderful             $500

The Rules:

  • By donating you are confirming that you are a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien.
  • The maximum donation per person is $500.
  • Occupation and Industry information is required by state law for donations in excess of $150. We'll email you for that information.

Number of shirts sponsored as of:
June 2nd at 2:55 pm CST

'The Spirit of Colbert'

A number of people have suggested that I name my car — much like how Senator McCain named his bus the "Straight Talk Express". I am skeptical of this. I don't believe my car and his bus are similar. For example, my car is a) more fuel efficient and b) doesn't smell like Mentholatum. But I think the idea of naming my car deserves consideration.

Spirit of Colbert

A few have already suggested names: "The Open Government Express", "The Millenium Jayhawk", and the "I Can't Believe He's Driving That".

As you may know, Stephen Colbert was recently robbed of his chance to get a module of the international space station named after him. While I encourage Mr. Colbert to just change his name to 'Tranquility' (the name NASA chose) and claim victory - it doesn't seem likely. Mr. Colbert needs some name-recognition love from elsewhere.

Therefore, if we manage to get all 50 politician's shirts sponsored by June 1st, I will officially name my car "The Spirit of Colbert" in big letters across the sides. Unless, of course, I get a cease and desist letter from Comedy Central in which case I'll name it "Tranquility".

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